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Jeff Tibbetts
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One thing that I think you should keep in mind also is that many of the techniques are connected on some level© This goes into a theory I have about connections in geneeral, but really I've noticed that no matter what techniques I'm working on, when you go back to other techniques that you may not have done in a while you can apply some of the knowledge from the other stuff© In most cases I don't notice it at all, I'll just realise I'm doing a technique much better than before, but once in while it'll hit me that what I'm doing is quite similar to something else© I think this is just another way of saying "principles based art" but really it seems like you can train many techniques or a few and your progression may be very similar© Hard to test that one, but some dojos start out with a few and some start with a broad base© I wonder if one really would be more effective or if they would be comparable, I think it wouldn't matter much© Granted this only appplies very strongly in the beginning, when much of your training involved getting to know your own body and it's limits and capabilities©

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