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Jeff Tibbetts
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John. It's not that I think you should be responsible for others, it's that I think I should be responsible for others. If you look back on my first post and put yourself in the conversation I was having with my father, when he asked if "that's socially irresponsible" some poeple might say "yeah, but so what". That's fine if you want to be that way, but at least ask yourself if you really believe that. I agree that many of us began and continue to practice Aikido to make ourselves more complete or better, but the question is aside from that. I want to know more about what you think that training means for the rest of society. If everyone knew Aikido it wouldn't be an issue, but the point is that it's somewhat selfish to train to defend yourself and nothing else at all. At least, that's what my father would say. The fact of the matter is that at it's core Aikido is a peaceful art, where one strives to NOT hurt the attacker in this case, as the highest goal. Karate or some other martial art would stop at the point where you stop the other person, but Aikido goes one further and says you should help them. What I'm trying to get at is does this make it a "selfish" art in the sense that sometimes it may be better for society to do something other than help the aggressor, or is there some other thing that I'm missing entirely?

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