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Re: Aikido Predator Mindset

The thread started with the question of predator mindset in Aikido. In Aikido? No.

Now I would say that was also a message given by O'Sensei.

First let me say this: Some so far have said either that they have been a predator or brought up with those who hunt deer or whatever. We are in a world where hunting is part of life or a big part of some peoples lives. So you can say you have no negative connotations to it or that it's 'normal' or even survival in certain circumstances but does that make it good or even right?

I say no myself.

Here's an interesting look for those interested. I'll use history in this little 'story'.

Way back when humans were pretty dumb they were basically hunter gatherers. This predator mindset was the way of survival and as usual used for war too and taking lands etc. However, at certain times in history, even the times of great change and advancement in Japan for example in as far as civilization and harmonious progress are concerned we find the cause of this explosion of positive change being not war or anything from that mindset but from new ways of farming. New ways of doing things which benefited everyone. There lie the great changes.

A fella by the name of Buddha came along once and brought a new way of looking at things along with a new way of behaving and that soon spread across more than a third of the world and brought an explosion of more harmonious and civilized progress for humans. One religion which spread and influenced for the better yet with a didn't spread by war or conquest or that type of mindset.

Just sayin

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