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Re: The transmission of aikido

Dear David

I have my own ideas about who, but I thought I'd share a method of finding that person rather than just plugging who I think is best.

You might be familiar with the term "Xerox Effect". It hasn't been officially recognised as an expression due to the efforts of the Xerox company, who insist that you can't even use "Xerox" as a verb (they fear it might become a generic word, endangering the trademark).

Anyway, you get the picture... you Xerox (photocopy) a document. Then you Xerox the copy. Then you Xerox a copy of that Xeroxed copy. Then you Xerox that copy and so on and each time what you're Xeroxing gets grainier and fuzzier and the details start to disappear.

To get the best impression of the original document, I would look at multiple Xeroxed copies, ideally the ones closest in sequence to master. Also, since we're dealing with more fallible hardware than actual photocopiers, we can assume a great deal of variance in the quality of the Xeroxing being done, so even a direct copy, Xeroxed from the master, could be riddled with errors. Obviously, if you find a good machine that Xeroxes well and produces copies that correspond with the the clearest parts of the other Xeroxed copies from elsewhere, then that is a good guide for correlating the other Xeroxed information.


(I notice my browser hasn't put red wiggly spell-check lines under any words here except "recognised")
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