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Dan Richards
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Re: Relate to your mind as a clear spacious sky and to the thoughts as clouds.

One of the ideas in the article is that rather than focusing on any one thing, such as breath, or one-point, or alignment, we instead allow what is arising to arise, without judgement, without resistance, without identification. Because by focusing on a specific object, we exclude and introduce an element of control - which is immediately going to set up judgement. And from there our "practice" then becomes one of constantly judging right/wrong and wanting to control. This immediately begins to narrow the bandwidth of our experience, to the point where we're practicing through a restricted channel.

Instead of focusing on a single object, if we, instead, just observe and allow the process to arise as it will, something interesting happens; we begin to detach from the process itself, rather than identifying ourselves with it, or even as it.

But in this technique of watching there is no control, no exclusion, no denial.

So in this process when you learn to allow things to happen, then whatever you have repressed can surface. And when your unconscious is made conscious in this way, your behaviour becomes integrated and harmonious.

Another way of looking at this technique is that we are learning to surrender - to surrender to whatever is happening.
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