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joeysola wrote:
The reason I started this thread was because I came here to look into trying another martial art. I checked out some classes and had a friend give me some lessons. I have found that Aikido has no practical application.
Wow! You "checked out some classes" and got "some lessons" from a friend, and now you know enough to say definitively and without a doubt that aikido has no practical application?

Either you're the world's greatest genius, or the world's greatest @##.

To paraphrase a wonderful aikidoka I have trained with and respect a great deal:
Aikido works. Your aikido doesn't. Don't confuse the two.
I couldn't say it better.

Just because Aikido has striking and grappling techniques does not mean that they work.
And just because *you* don't care for them doesn't mean that they don't.


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