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Talking about denial...

Most of you people are not paying attention to what was described.


The whole point was exactly about that.


So, for those of you who insist that the TKD fellow forced Dan to submit, it was quite the contrary.

The TKD guy wanted to fight and ended up HAVING DAN TEACHING HIM REAL AIKIDO.

If the TKD guy REALLY wanted to learn AiKiDo, his attitude would have been diferent.

The "teach me aikido" sentence was pure irony (anyone can realize that), an excuse to step onto the mat.

Dan acted "absent minded" as if he believed in the intention present in that setence, and TAUGHT AIKIDO.

And to put REAL fire in here...

If O-SenSei and his older deshi were so completely undefeatable, how do any of you explain "Rendevous with Adventure"?

And don't use the "Tohei SenSei was afraid to harm the poor fellow" on me...(that's not what i saw).

One thing is to "grab my finger", another one completely diferent is to fight with someone who REALLY wants to prove that he is better than you.

Most people are still looking for the martial art that will make them the Alpha Male...

True combat is about manipulating the opponent into doing useless acts (like grabing fingers for stance ), geting him out of guard and not about twisting joints or striking nervs.

Martial arts are about learning throught the motions.

Any martial art is as good as another.

To believe that just because you train aeekeedoe you are more efficient than a trained boxer, bjj, tkd or street thug is to day dream.

Just because you choose to marry your wife that doesn't mean that all other man in the world want to have her as their wife (or that marrieng her would make a diferent men as happy as you are).

For some reason people insist on these "aeekeedo beats everyone else!" atitude.

Even if it was so, and throught aeekeedo i could become a SuperSayajin, violence(even verbal) SHOULD be the last resource of the inept.

"Some people walk in the forest and see only wood for the fire..."

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and i- i took the one less traveled by,- and that has made all the diference!"
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