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Re: Alternative Names

Philip Smith wrote: View Post
If memory serves techniques didn't have standard names until some point in the late 60's.
My late father had a first edition of Nidai Doshus book "Aikido".

Nikkyo was described as kote-mawashi ikkyo as ude-osae along with some other differences to modern nomenclature.

When I next visit my mother (where the book still resides) I'll look it up; but I believe the standardisation of technique names within the Aikikai was one of the many innovations introduced by nidai doshu.
Ikkyo - Ude Osae
Nikkyo - Kote Mawashi
Sankyo - Kote Hineri
Yonkyo - Tekubi Osae
Gokyyo - Ude Nobashi

I'm not sure about the spelling, though...

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