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Re: A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training

Robert Galeone wrote: View Post
This is already a long reply, and it would take another very long one to pursue another idea which I mentioned in my original post. I think that what Ueshiba had, and here I think Ellis, and I know Toby Threadgill would agree, was discovered/rediscovered/cultivated by dint of classical weapons training, in particular the spear. (There are numerous reasons why the spear is called the "king of weapons"). I also think that is where the disconnect was. While Ueshiba did have classical weapon training, most of his deshi did not. Not having the classical weapon training to "self check" the shapes (and remember I said some shapes discourage double weighting, and some encourage it) practitioners used what they had -- strength, timing, and speed. Those aren't bad things, just different things.
Recent references to to your older post have reminded me of your mentioning the role of the spear in internal training.

This brought back memories of one time when Yamaguchi Sensei was in the UK in the 1980s. Kanetsuka Sensei mentioned to me that, even though Yamaguchi's fondness for sword training was well known, particularly the kesagiri from KSR, he told him that his favourite training tool was actually the yari (wooden spear). In one session during the weekend's course he had us practising spear thrusts with a jo. Shortly afterwards I went to Liverpool with Kanetsuka Sensei and we went into a martial arts shop in Chinatown to buy a couple of yari. I got bored with this exercise not long after (I was still too young ), but now I can certainly appreciate its usefulness.

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