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Re: unusual seiza problem - pain in BACK of knee

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Well, I hope that "keep training" doesn't involve seiza... given the explanation of the mechanism of injury, I don't see how it's possible for the pain to just go away...
Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Yep. Too many of us have seen small problems turn into big ones or acute problems turn into chronic ones, because we were too proud or too short-sighted to adapt our training to the very clear needs or limits of our bodies. Some things that are NOT improved by stretching or repetition.
Under normal circumstances I would ask for an exception to be made for my limitations. However, as I'm in Kyoto for Jacques Payet's next kenshusei course, I think that is simply impossible.

As of the current date, Mary's intuition seems to be correct. The pain has not really improved, and has in fact gotten somewhat worse.

The best thing seems to be classes of about half suwari-waza. After some, but not too much, suwari-waza the knees are more flexible the next day. Plus, performing suwari-waza does not seem to hurt the patellas.

On the other hand, performing tachi-waza does not feel so bad when I'm doing it, but after a class with a lot of kihon doza (especially hiriki no yosei ni) my knees get stiffer and also the patellas feel like they're going to explode, which is sort of new since I originally started this thread.

Thanks for your concerns. I hope I am able to complete the course.

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