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Re: Chronic Joint/Tendon Damage

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Thanks for clarifying that, Janet, I meant warm-up before, stretch after.

Don't drink a lot of beer AND take a lot of advil after.

Look both ways, don't talk with your mouth full, etc.
To add on to Janet's commentary...

...if I understand correctly, the literature also does not suggest that stretching after training is beneficial because you are stretching after training per se. Stretching should be done after training because (1) it avoids the problems of stretching before training and (2) training is a nice way of warming up in preparation for stretching. Stretching every day is not beneficial and may be counterproductive. Stretching 2-3 times per week is a better goal. If you are mashed for time, you could not stretch after aikido but stretch after the next day's CrossFit or whatever and be fine.

Don't drink a lot of beer AND take a lot of Advil after.

This could be interpreted two ways, one of which would be to not take beer with a lot of Advil. That is actually good advice! You should always avoid mixing alcohol and NSAID medications (Advil, aspirin, Naproxin) in your stomach.

However, the advice to take a lot of Advil is questionable. Once in a while Advil is very helpful but chronic use of Advil is not so good. Remember that "anti-inflammatory" is Advil's classification in a pharmacopeia, not a description of its chemical effects in the body. Advil interferes with a lot of chemical processes that you might not want it to. Chronic use of Advil has been linked with, for example, erectile dysfunction. (Bet you won't forget that one next time you see a bottle of Advil!)

In general, alcohol is bad for recovery, but I must say that, trying to cut back on drinking while training here in Kyoto, I actually feel more pain. Alcohol is a very effective pain killer.

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