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Re: A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
The striped cat straight-up says he uses breathing exercises to fill his tanden with ki, he says he stands between heaven and earth, he can knock rats out of the rafters with ki. He says he follows whatever his opponents are doing and spontaneous technique just comes out.
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I'm not sure that the story is actually about the kind of IP we're talking about.
That is surprising to hear considering the above-quoted descriptions. When Ueshiba talked about that stuff it became evidence for him following the Old Ways of Authentic 内力. When some cat says it, Chris, you don't think he is talking about the same thing?

Anyway I just find the discrepancy interesting - I'll have to reserve my opinion until I've read the parable! I'll have to go on Cliff's nice recommendations for translations.
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