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Re: Masamichi Noro Sensei Passes Away

Graham Farquhar wrote: View Post
Here is a link to Noro sensei in the UK in the early 1960s along with some early British Aikido. Perhaps Henry could add some names to those in the clip! Also I may be mistaken but I think Noro brought the White Hakama to the UK. Which is still used by some schools for 5th dan and above.

WOW !!
I have never seen this film/video before, all the old dan grades from the beginning are there. I will wait until Derek Eastman call round to see me ( soon ) we will try to `time and identify` as many as possible.
Noro Sensei was just amazing.
Thank you once again for adding this link.

Henry Ellis
Co-author of `Positive Aikido`
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