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Re: A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Hi Bob,

A great post - but too much for me to pick through in my tiny response. I think that most of those points have been argued about repeatedly over the last ten years here and elsewhere.

A few random thoughts...

I think that the grammar does exist, and that is beginning to come out, both through analysis of Ueshiba's writings and closer examination of Daito-ryu practices.

Many of the people coming to this conclusion are also coming out of Chinese arts.

Stan Pranin spent quite a few years amassing a body of evidence supporting the argument that most modern Aikido is not the same as what Ueshiba was doing and explaining why. His conclusions are not all the same as mine are in some particulars - but the bulk of his work supports that basic argument.

In any case, I think that the time has passed where arguing about the existance or non-existance of this stuff on the internet is fruitful, which is why I'm not really commenting on it much these days in this kind of forum. The people are out there and the work is being done for those who are interested.


Chris, I think you're absolutely correct, and a rather inadvertant (on my part) comment to Ellis during a random log on, led to much more controversy than I am comfortable with. However, what may have been worked out online, I see somewhat more inchoate on the dojo level. Certainly within my former organization. But again, your point is well taken. I think all the research is bearing fruit and that, as I said, rises all boats.


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Bob Galeone.
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