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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido future

Did have time to read through all the post. I was thrown in practice last year with a uechi Mata and suffered a rockwood IV complete AC joint separation. Surgery 5 days later. I have fiberwire holding my joint together. I am a BJJ and Judo player.

I will no longer compete in Judo because of it. In BJJ I most likely won't compete again either. However I am 47 as well. I will also modify my practice in Aikido some as well.

However, it does not mean I cannot train and it did not really keep me off the mat much. I was back up to speed in 9 months.

I am also an active duty infantry officer and I do alpine climbing. Not too much affect.

Really what I watch is getting thrown and landing hard on it and some one cranking on it which they shouildnt anyway. BJJ I can still roll full out but I do tap as my range of motion is still limited a little.

Just modify your training and you should be dine. It does not mean you cannot train, only that u must modify what u do.

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