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Re: Alternative Names

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
I often find it interesting to compare the nomenclature of different styles.

I come from an Iwama base, so that tends to be the names that I defer to.

In Iwama we refer to a handful of techniques as kokyu nage. These techniques often have individual names in other styles.

I'd like to know what names people out there use for the following technique:

Uke grabs or pushes with both hands to nage's shoulders/upper chest. Nage steps in or steps back, cutting one arm down at the elbow while pressing the other elbow up, a la ikkyo.

Sorry no pictures or video right now, but if one becomes necessary I'll link one later.
Interesting. That is not too common at my dojo, I think if it were named we'd consider it a tenshi nage. Possibly ryokata tenshi nage.

But it really sounds quite a lot like the first half of Koshi Garuma from mainline Daito ryu.
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