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Deb Fisher
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Yeah, I agree with everybody except the guy who was in disagreement.

First of all, you're learning more than you think you're learning, but more importantly, doing well on a test depends on initiative. If your dojo is like mine, then there are lots of really nice people who have taken this test, who know what they are doing, and who are more than willing to help you. Ask them. If there aren't helpful yudansha around and you don't feel comfortable with a technique yet, ask your sensei.

I don't think this is unfair; I think it's valuable. Figuring out for yourself what you need and going out and getting it is full of life lessons, not limited to but including:

*honestly asessing ones' own skills and deficiencies

*overcoming shyness, embarassment, etc about asking for help

*humility - admitting that one is in need

*the ability to set ones' own goals and standards - why perform only to the class standard of barely knowing a technique?

Deb Fisher
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