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Re: A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training

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I'm not sure the grafting of the internal onto aikido will be successful. Another way of stating this is to ask the question, if you want the internal so badly, why study it second hand.
why would internal need to be grafted onto aikido or any art for that matter? just because one studied the so-called internal arts such as hsing-i or taichi and so on, doesn't guarantee that one actually learned internal stuffs. of the internal folks that i encountered that can actually demonstrate and explain their wares, everyone of them said internal stuffs are the foundational body work that has nothing to do with any arts. once you trained your body for internal stuffs, you can express it in any art you so choose, be it karate, kungfu, judo, aikido, joe-bob-fu, whatever. grafting is for external stuffs. internal just is. on the other hand, the other one, the one that's not holding the donut and the coffee, i have not been around the blocs as many times as you folks, so i'd just go back into my corner and enjoy the aforementioned donut and coffee.

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