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Re: Questions after first day of training in Aikido

For me, katateosa (spelling?) always hurt the most.

Steven Seagal likes to do this one alot, I like it since we actually never do it. We do the stretch, but we've only done the technique once in class before. Perhaps its not too popular in the style I train in.

Last time we did it in a grab. Gonkyo, yonkyo (same thing I guess) yeah those hurt alot for me too.

We do slight cardio with running and lunges in the beginning of the class for 2 minutes. but that isn't enough to burn many calories. I lost 104 lbs biking and weight lifting and eating a proper diet. here's a tip. If you don't like eating veggies, get there gradually. I couldn't eat anything green when I was obese. I always liked the junk food, the fried stuff better. I started out slow, got a jack in the box oriental salad (colored with the very high calorie sesame dressing, but there was lettuce in there none the less!) and got started that way. It may not have been the best option, but it worked for me. I started with frozen dinners that were "lite" verisons of the others. although they still had alot of the salt.

Eventually I stopped eating those and just went to whole foods.

It took me 2 years. But so far, I've maintained it for 4 years.

Good luck!

6th Kyu in Aikido. (Yellow belt). Been training consistently for 10 months.
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