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Re: Students of Nishio Sensei

It is kind of strange to receive news of students of Nishio sensei passing. Makes it seem like he has been gone for far more than the 8 years it has been (actually precisely 8 years on friday).

It's clear that a lot of great Aikido teachers and practitioners that are heavily influenced by Nishio sensei also incorporate input from other shihans. Suzuki sensei for example teach both Nishio style and something closer to what they teach at Hombu dojo. Very confusing for us, but also remarkable that he is able to include all these different approaches and interpretations.

The problem is that the list I'm building here will always be based on individual judging of the level of 'Nishio inspiration' for each person on the list. In the end however I guess we know quite well whether we see our selves as Nishio descendants or not.

So - probably no such thing as a 'pure' Nishio Aikido Ka - but the purpose is to gather a list of those who remember our master with veneration and try to include his principles in our Aikido.
Also I will try to include the 'first and second generation' perspective in the list. Personally I have been to a few Nishio seminars, but I consider myself 2. generation since most of my Aikido was taught to me by other people. To qualify for 1. generation... well again it will have to be a case-by-case evaluation.

Finally I will only gather information on 4th dan and above - not to discriminate (keeps me out of the list too) but just to keep it kind of short.

So much for a definition. Now back to the list:

Robert Bryner Sensei (deceased) 6th Dan Aikido 3rd Dan Iaido
Chikako Bryner Sensei 5th Dan Aikido 5th dan Iaido
Michele Benzamin Masuda Sensei 5th Dan Aikido 5th Dan Iaido
Micheal Fowler Sensei 5th Dan Aikido 5th Dan Iaido (uchi deshi to Nishio Sensei)
Suzuki Shigeru sensei from Matsuyama 7th. dan
Tom Huffman 4th Dan Nishio Aikido and Aikido Toho Iai
Arisou Takao Sensei 7th. dan
Shishiya Ichiro Sensei 7th dan
Koji Yoshida Sensei, 7th dan
Yasuhiko Takemori Sensei, 7th Dan
Seiwakai - Koichi Shibata 7th dan
Masakazu Tazaki, 6th dan aikido, 6th dan aiki toho
Kouchi Tanaka
Hattori Takao Sensei - Aikido 7th dan / 7th dan
Shibata Koichi Sensei 7th dan
Kitamura Shihan 7th dan
Michael Russ
Stephi Varjan 5th dan aikido, 6th dan toho
Stefan Stenudd
Mark Jewkes - 5th dan aikido, 4th dan aiki toho
Thomas Ludvigsen - 5th Aikido, ? dan aiki toho
Thomas Glæsner - 4th dan Aikido, 3. dan aiki toho
Peter Jakobsen - 4th dan Aikido, 3. dan aiki toho
Lars Jensen - 4th. dan Aikido, ?
Torben Pedersen - 5. dan Aikido, 4th dan aikitoho
Adam Masewiecz - 4. dan Aikido, 2. dan Aikitoho
George Fajnburg - 5th dan Aikido, 2. dan Aikitoho
Carsten Letort - 4. dan Aikido
Morten Jensen - 4.dan Aikido
Frank Føns - 4. dan Aikido
Bent Brøgger - 6 dan Aikido - 4. dan Iaido
Jens Andersson - 4. dan Aikido
Søren Wigh - 6. dan Aikido
Knut Högvall
Jean Michel Bovio - 6th dan aikido / 6th dan Aiki toho
Remi Delcos
Jan Max Bunzel - 6th dan Aikido / 6th dan Aiki toho
Kim Mortensen
Jarkko Lapinlampi
Jiri Marek
Paul Mueller
R Jun Batumbalani (aka L Jun Mateo) 6th Dan / 3rd Dan

It's probably still far from complete - so please feel free to add more people or correct missing/faulty information.


- Jørgen Jakob Friis

Inspiration - Aspiration - Perspiration
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