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Re: Students of Nishio Sensei

Here a few more of the So-Cali Crew

Robert Bryner Sensei (sadly now deceased) 6th Dan Aikido 3rd Dan Iaido
Chikako Bryner Sensei 5th Dan Aikido 5th dan Iaido
Michele Benzamin Masuda Sensei 5th Dan Aikido 5th Dan Iaido
Micheal Fowler Sensei 5th Dan Aikido 5th Dan Iaido (uchi deshi to Nishio Sensei)

Robert Bryner first brought Nishio Shihan to California.

All of the above are direct students of Shoji Nishio Shihan and Masa Tazaki Sensei and received numerous Dan rankings from him in both Aikido and Aiki-Toho-Iai

There are now quite a few 2nd Generation Dan students of the above and we're growing rapidly here and in Texas along with Dojos in Colorado and New Mexico.

William Hazen

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