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Re: Students of Nishio Sensei

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Thank's for the input. The list so far (in no particular order):

Japanese senseis:

Suzuki Shigeru sensei from Matsuyama 7th. dan (I am certain)

Please feel free to elaborate the list. Some of the people above I don't know, but I expect that you all only mention them, if they teach only or primarily inspired by Nishio sensei (or it would sort of ruin the point of the list )
1. I know Suzuki Shigeru quite well and he often comes with his students to joint training sessions at our dojo in Hiroshima. Shoji Nisjio came to Hiroshima very often and there are many students here who were influenced by him. However, there are very few students here (to my knowledge) who were influenced solely by him and Suzuki-shi is one of these.

2. I am surprised that very few non-Japanese have their ranks listed.

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