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Jonathan Lewis
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I somewhat disagree with everyone so far.

You cannot be expected to practice on your own what you haven't even been shown once. If you do practice them it is likley that you will practice them in a manner not acceptable for your test, since you haven't been shown what that is.

Generally , you are also correct that the first test contains what is considered to be foundation techniques of Aikido and, as such, they are usually practiced frequently.

That said, eleven techniques seems like a lot. What kyu level is the first test for? In most dojo, the first test is for 6th kyu (for adults).

Here are the first test requirements for ASU dojo:
Rokyu - 6th(30 hours/3 months)


Shomenuchi ikkyo and iriminage

Munetsuki kotegaeshi

Katate dori shihonage

Yokomenuchi shihonage

Kokyu tanden ho
If youv'e practiced all the above (even if from different attacks than specified), then I would say you have indeed been learning the foundations for practice. If that is the case, no worries, you just won't test for a while since the test requirements are more. The same rank will not necessarily mean the same thing from school to school.

I'm not sure about Isshin-ryu, but in my experience, most Karate dojo do have tests more frequently than most Aikido dojo. If you are expecting a similar rate of ranking progress, you will be frustrated with yourself.
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