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Re: The home of spirit

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How do you define a "good" action if you are neutral in your mind state? I think I understand your point about remaining objective in every situation; I agree when assessing how to relate and react to a situation not allowing emotions to get the better of your judgement is important. However, if your judgement is not based on right or wrong then how do you know the action you choose to take is the right course of action or the morally obligatory form of action to restore harmony?
First and foremost morals are man made rules. Man in his wisdom makes rules and calls them right and wrong. Unfortunately man ain't too wise so we end up with things and actions called right which obviously are not good.

Neutral to me is real and dynamic. In fact I often say to people that the axis around which all turns is neutral and indeed has to be. Like the axle on a car.

Your universe, your world, revolves around you. Therefor you as self should be neutral or else wherever you go you will create unfortunate accidents and blame others.

Then their are qualities other than that of true self. One is that of the desire for harmony and goodness. That innate quality leads you to action. Thus we have various innate qualities which work together and Aikido can be a vehicle of practicing and expressing such.

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