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As said already, your training is your own responsibility.

Also, keep in mind that there is more to testing than just performing the techniques. Nobody's expecting you to execute them all perfectly. Especially in the (lower) kyu grades, testing is mostly about how much you've advanced since your latest test, and how much potential for future growth you show.

(now that I think of it, it's probably like that for dan grades too )

Where I train, we always get a printed curriculum with the "required" techniques well in advance of the test. But the test itself will never totally reflect that - the techniques will be asked in a different order, some that are on the paper will not be asked, and some that aren't *will* be asked. Not to annoy you and make things generally difficult, but to make sure you stay alert instead of just performing a set of predefined motions, and show what you've *really* learned so far of the foundation of the art (of which your technique is, to some extent, just the outward manifestation).



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