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Re: relaxing during technique - how?

The best way to relax is to practice high flying break falls, you can start with 300, 3 times a day. You can ask somebody to throw you from koshinage – i.e. he can start shihonage and in the middle of the technique he should switch it to the koshinage, so koshinage will be done with shihonage lock. Do it again and again, one moment you’ll start to feel body relaxing. In this moment the sound of your body hitting tatami will change. It will become long, deep and soft. It is a good sign. After that, you can do high flying break falls one hour without being tired.

This way is the best, because it is not intellectual understanding or theoretical concept. Relax is born when your body is hitting tatami again and again. In this moment you can’t be stiff, crisped you can’t be sloppy…Breathing by itself will not make your body flexible – you know how to breath from the moment you was born. What is important is to put your body in such situation that muscles can’t be sloppy and in the same time cannot be tensed. So body has no choice but to change his memory. Very many repetitions are necessary (as body easily become lazy) to fix this new state, so later on you can use the same feeling while being Nage.


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