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Re: The Great Non-Issue

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The concept of Aikido is one of oneness of blending and of living in harmony, that's why i always try to find things that connect me with other people regardless of their choices. I have worked with homosexuals and soon i found out that no matter how i was trying to avoid the subject, they would always bring it back on.
Whereas your heterosexual coworkers, friends, neighbors and family members never, ever mention their spouses, lovers, significant others. None of your heterosexual coworkers have pictures of their spouses on their desks. When you invite your heterosexual acquaintances out for drinks, they never bring their opposite-sex partners along, so you're not constantly having your face rubbed in their heterosexuality. You never see heterosexuals walking down the street hand in hand with their opposite-sex partners. You never see a depiction of heterosexuals in advertising or on a billboard that makes it flagrantly obvious that they're heterosexual. When you see heterosexuals on TV or in the movies, their heterosexuality never comes up at all - you never have to see them kissing, or holding hands, or a suggestion that they might (yick!) make love. Why, you don't even have to try to avoid the subject of heterosexuality - heterosexuals are so discreet and circumspect, it never ever comes up!

You know, if those pushy homosexuals could only learn from heterosexuals, and stop trying to force their lifestyle on everyone, the world would be a much better place, wouldn't it? All full of oneness of blending and of living in harmony and all that.
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