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Re: The Great Non-Issue

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I certainly have never experienced people drawing my attention to their homosexuality in the dojo, even though I regularly practise with several men I know to be gay. Now I come to think about it, one guy did ask me if I wanted a "private practice" with him after a course I attended with Kanetsuka Sensei in Athens a few years ago. Perhaps this is a Greek thing?

When you belittle "gay rights", you should be aware that in "western" societies homosexual behaviour has only been decriminalised in the last few decades, and in many parts of the world men (mainly) and women are routinely imprisoned, persecuted and in many cases killed because their sexual orientation is revealed.

I have never experienced that in the dojo either, but i have in other aspects of life.
Perhaps my name indicates that i'm from Greece but the truth is that although that is my country of origin, my influences are from all around the world, so when i say something, it's never just a"greek thing"
My post had to do with the hypothetical chance of a gay being insulting in a dojo environment. From my experience in other walks of life, there is always that potential, of course that doesn't mean that every homosexual would do that, i was simply dealing with that potential.
So my point is that, since the potential is there, the issue is also there.
It is obviously wrong to belittle the gay rights or any other human rights, and countries that imprison or kill people because of their sexual orientation are a disgrace to the human race.
People should be free to make their own choices in personal matters, but never forget that other people have their choices made too, so they should respect that.
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