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Re: The Great Non-Issue

Well in modern society and in the past as well, there are pre-set social or religious concepts about the role and the bahaviour of the two sexes. The problem is that these concepts are not necessarily according to the human biology are more of a set of ideas and prejudices past from one generation to the next one.
So we end up in a world where women act as "women should" and men act as "men should" but nobody acts as a real, free human being any more.
In that manner, only a little worse, we are surrounded by homosexuals who are doing their best to show the rest of us that they are homosexuals and act according to some pre-set ideas about how they should act.
They feel they should act as a suppresed minority (and sometimes minorities have a more combact kind of strength), they must have gay parades, they must have people representing them like the president of the homosexuals or things like that and of course they must have (most times on purpose) the "gay body language", like a neon light above their heads saying "i'm gay"!
The concept of Aikido is one of oneness of blending and of living in harmony, that's why i always try to find things that connect me with other people regardless of their choices. I have worked with homosexuals and soon i found out that no matter how i was trying to avoid the subject, they would always bring it back on.
When i talk with women, they don't talk about sleeping with men. When i talk with men, they don't talk about their intimate moments with women it's just personal isn't it? Being gay is just a personal choice of a sexual partner, so why do homosexuals want to reflect that kind of thing all the time?
I don't believe that there would be any real problem if one was to train in the Dojo with a homosexual, we train with opposite sexes don't we? But i think that sometimes there can be an awkward kind of moment because in their tendency to overemphasize that part of their lives sometimes they can be insulting or too bold or provocative. Aikido has a lot of body contact so one should be realy mature and respecting.
Don't get me wrong, i have no problem with gay people and their choices, maybe they do.
When was the last "straight parade"? Who is the president of straight people? Straight people don't have such things because they blend into society, why do homosexuals want so desperately to stand out, and then moan about it?
Why do we have this thread if there is no issue? So all these people here are devoting all this energy and time to write about a non-issue?
I don't think so...
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