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Travers Hughes
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Re: The home of spirit

Thanks Graham. Here's the part I'm having difficulty with:

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Seeing a scene is not optimum you can thus accept it, non-resist it and armed with that step in and take responsiblity for it's correction and act accordingly. Peace.G.
If you've already accepted the situation is what it is, then why the need to correct it?

I'll use an example that I think highlights both our points:
Someone says something highly insulting to my wife and leaves her visibly upset. My response is "Dude, you're out of line. That's not acceptable behaviour. Now, let's move on.."
(I like to think that's how I handle the situation anyway)

So, the outcome is positive. I have been assertive (but not aggressive), got my point across and moved on. In this particular instance, the other person may not have been aware of the transmisson of their message, and it has become a learning opportunity for us both. This would not have been realised without my resistance. How is this unpolished?

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