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Re: Moriteru Ueshiba v Christian Tissier

Big grin:
I am member of the German Aikido Federation with Endo Seishiro and Christian Tissier as shihan.

From members of other lines of aikikai here in Germany I am used to hear that the aikidō of Christian Tissier depends completely on his uke being compliant ...
That his aikidō is too soft and too "big" for being martially effective and only works as a way to fondle uke down to the floor.
Christian Tissier himself allways emphasizes, that the second dōshu was a most important teacher to him.

For preparing my classes aswell as for preparing my nidan examination I used the book "The Aikido Master Course" of Ueshiba Moriteru a lot as technical reference. So there is no real difference of the forms both teach.
(Btw. where you looking for technicalc DVDs? I would also recommend the books of the current dōshu.)

I think:
Both clearly provide a different "image". It looks different: According to their personality, biography, background (in swordwork e.g.).
But this is just the personalization of the underlying identical technical theme.

So I think: Yes it is just about the observation and the image that arises in the observer. (And not only the untrained.)
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