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This is in reply to Joey Sola.

Funny way of looking at things. I have been training in aikido for 12 years and in Rickson Gracie BJJ for 4 years. (I also have 6 years of Okinawan Kempo training). BJJ, if you step back and look at it, is very much like aikido in philosophy. You are trying to move one step ahead of your opponent so you can submit him with as little effort as possible. BJJ techniques require the same amount of relaxation as aikido. You are relaxed until the point it's time not to be relaxed. I have quickly gone up the rank in BJJ and I believe it's mainly because of my aikido. I find them very complimentary.
One thing, Joey, have you ever tried clinching on an experienced aikidoka? Since I teach in a cross training dojo I have had people try to test the effectiveness of aikido. You may be in for a surprise.
In aikido we stress ma-ai. (Proper distance) We often defend this with strikes and kicks. This doesn't play well into a BJJ cross trainers game.
I think your rash statement is more out of lack of information than anything. Before you knock any art, I suggest you try it.
As for usefulness in NHB fights. Once again you should probably open your eyes. Sakuraba uses what has been termed a "kimura". It is a common standing lock in aikido called Hiji-kime. He used this to wear down Royce and broke Renzo's arm in consecutive Pride Fights. If it wasn't aikido, how he used it to throw Renzo, was at least, very aikido-ish.

Also, I compete in local submission jiu-jitsu tournaments and I have utilized aikido techniques with great success.

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