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Please help us in saving our dojo!

Dear all,

I am the dojo cho of a little aikido club in Esslingen, Germany (near Stuttgart) and I am writing to you because we need help in saving our beloved dojo! Our club is an open style dojo with teachers from differents styles teaching and working together and currently we have about 150 members (about 50 kids).

Our dojo is located in all old, historic hall in Berkheim, near Stuttgart (Germany). Unfortunately, the city of Esslingen is about to sell this hall to a big company, who wants to tear it down and build a paking lot instead.

Our club is now trying to save our beloved hall and dojo by buying the premises ourselves. The decision as to who gets it in the end will be a political one and we are hoping to get your support in our cause!

If you would like to help us in saving our place, you can do one (or all ) of the following:

- Go to our facebook page and like the page ( Here you can also see pictures of our beautiful dojo.

- Sign our online petition (on the starting page of our dojos website: and maybe even leave a comment as to why an aikido dojo has more value for the community than a parking lot
(the petition is in German, but it is very easy to fill in, the boxes are first name, last name, city, country, email address).

We need as many votes as possible, so we would be really grateful for everyone who is willing to spend two minutes to help us!

Domo arigato gozaimashita!!!

Best regards from Germany,

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