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Re: Moriteru Ueshiba v Christian Tissier

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
I am assuming you're using the metaphor of wind for Moriteru and sea for Tissier (which I really like btw). Forgive me for thinking less poetically but the way I see both is Moriteru seems to be able to blend effortlessly with his uke; his uke almost becoming an extension of himself in a way. There is a beautiful harmonization between them. With Tissier, I can see better where he is taking uke's posture, breaking his balance before executing the technique as well as demonstrating where atemi fits into Aikido, two things as a practitioner of Aiki-Jujutsu I can relate to, as the two principles are very important to good AJJ.
Indeed. I am also veering away from comparing in terms of 'better than' or 'more powerful than' as I feel that leads to too much conjecture.

Now you compare from more of a technical viewpoint with your added experience I would say each can do what the other is doing. Each 'style' can be as effective as each other. Can being the operative word.

So all comes back down to which you personally want to learn and therefor which places emphasize the the specifics you are looking for in their teaching.

It may equal in the end that you get peoples views as you are doing and then part two you may have to visit a few different dojo's and teachers before you can fully decide which is for you.

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