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Moriteru Ueshiba v Christian Tissier

Moriteru Ueshiba is the current Doshu of the Aikikai Hombu in Japan. Christian Tissier is also a member of Aikikai Aikido. However their demonstration of the waza is very different to my mind, as I think this video shows .

To my mind Tissier executes the waza in a more martial fashion, whereas Moriteru Ueshiba's waza is much smoother and "soft". Is this just a case of individual expression of the waza or does Moriteru demonstrate Aikikai Aikido more in line with his grandfather's - O Sensei's - conceptualization of Aikido?

I like the fluidity of Moriteru Ueshiba's Aikido, it's very circular and in some respects mesmerizing. But I am inspired more by Tissier's Aikido because I feel it retains the more applicable, martial quality of the art and therefore looks "stronger".

Technically who is "better" or "closer" to O'Sensei's vision of Aikido?
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