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Re: Tsurezuregusa by Yoshida Kenko

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Curious if I could impose upon Peter Goldsbury and Chris Li as to their preferred edition of an english translation of the work?
Apologies for the late reply. I have been remiss in not looking at this part of the website very often.

Have you looked at the English Wikipedia page? From there you can access the Japanese text in a PDF file and also selections of the English translation by Sansom. The English text I have is translated by Donald Keene.

I do not have a Japanese text, for this is not a text I have studied in Japanese. So, like Chris Li, I have never made a comparison between the available translations. I would think that to read the text in Japanese, you would need a scholarly edition like the one in Iwanami's 日本古典文学大系 or 新日本古典文学大系 series. In these editions it comes with the 方丈記, which is another classic.

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