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Re: How to Receive Another's Power?

Thanks to everyone for your replies. They've given me a lot of things to ponder....Yes, I know that pondering and making-use-of are 2 different things.I say that not out of any disrespect to your replies; rather, I say it because I will have to slowly learn in the class what you've shared.

Those of you who advised to not confuse 'absorbing' or 'receiving' with being a limp noodle must have been secretly watching my class, because I was indeed being a limp noodle. LOL Thank you for your clarifications. I also have to admit that, looking back, there was an element of ego on my part. I was thinking to myself: "Wait 'til this guy's powerful kick meets my yielding chi that will completely diffuse his power and leave him wondering why his kicks don't seem as strong as usual." I had in mind the tai chi principle that when one strikes at 'emptiness' it becomes like hitting the air. All of your replies have helped me to see that I need to adjust my perspective.

Janet Rosen, I watched the video of Akuzawa Sensei and was absolutely amazed (as was the gentlemen who was throwing the kicks). Thank you for sharing this visual demonstration. Somehow your link got broken with ellipses, so for those who'd like to watch it I found the video here: watch?v=ZqwjucJclqA.

As said in my original post, I am completely new to Aikido. I enjoy opening and immersing myself into new areas of learning and being. I'm glad I found AikiWeb.

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