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Re: How to Receive Another's Power?

Hi John, I'm sure there are a lot of types of answers so I'm sure others can provide different points of view.
One type of answer I would provide is what you already alluded to: using kokyu to absorb the force. I think, to discuss that one you should start a thread in the "internal" subsection rather than off-the-mat. It would depend on level of physical development, so of course you can't expect to simply take a full-force kick without a lot of exercise, but all that could be discussed there.

Another answer could be that you can use movement-- if you are moving when he kicks you, the way you are moving can change the way he imparts force. But you were probably told not to do this in the drill! (Would make it hard for the kicker)
This movement could be a bit towards the kicker (entering), and would certainly involve to some degree a yielding aspect, where part of you moves in the direction of the kick (like rotating while receiving the kick).

My favorite would be to combine the above 2 tactics.

I would love to hear another option - but I'm afraid "being strong" is the only other option (and was probably the one they intended you to use). Since you didn't use it, you were affected by the kick.
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