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How to Receive Another's Power?

Hi All,

I am completely new to Aikido. I have studied the internal/soft art of Tai Chi and its subtle principles, so I'm familiar with Chi/Ki and non-resistance when confronted with force.

I chose the "Off-The-Mat" forum because my question deals with applying Aikido principles in a non-dojo environment.

For fitness, and other reasons, I've begun participating in an MMA class at the local gym. We perform calisthenics to warm up. We then take turns wearing gloves and mitts. The person wearing the gloves practices punches and kicks against the mitts, according to the combinations called out by the instructor.

On to the Subject: How to receive another's power? Earlier this week I attended the class and we were instructed to hold the mitts at head level while the other practitioner delivered their most powerful kicks against the mitts. I wanted to apply the principle of Unity with the kicker's force, so I remained rooted and kept my breathing, hands, arms and shoulders very relaxed. I had no fear or tension. The result was that the force of the other person's kick was easily able to push the mitts into my face with the full power of his kick. Had I not had the mitts' cushioning between my face and the other fellow's foot/leg I probably would've been knocked out.
I welcome any suggestions on how to apply Aikido principles to receive the another's force in this particular scenario where I am to simply remain still, holding the mitts as a target for the other person's kicks. Or is this a ridiculous notion and I should maintain resistance in my body since I am NOT to try to deflect the other's power but act only as a target for his kicks?

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