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Atemi, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido

As I feel its important to know some atemi in Aikido, as far as vital points on the body, I only know of one, which is a forward and down palm strike to the head to disorientate the attacker.

However, I took tae kwon do as a teenager and I almost got to junior black belt, I am still very good at kicking. I took Karate younger than that, I can throw a basis punch but nothing major.

My tae Kwon do however is considerably better.

Since I can kick very well, I was wondering if this can also be atemi used in Aikido. Are kicks only used to distance the attacker? I mostly see in my class punches that lead into techniques in my class. Can kicks also be used without distracting the flow of the technique? If someone is punching me left and right very fast, how am I going to be able to do a munetski fast enough to do a kotegaeshi technique? Wouldn't it better to do an atemi first?

My question is, can Tae Kwon do compliment AIkido? Thanks

6th Kyu in Aikido. (Yellow belt). Been training consistently for 10 months.
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