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Re: Applications of munetski and menetski kotegaeshi

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Wait, what is 'menetski.' Is that what you call a punch to the face?
"Me" in japanese literally means eyes. So a punch to the eyes or face.

"Mu" can mean ribs. So we punch specifically in the rib area of the stomach in our atemi. And in the eyes/face for the other. I'm wondering if those are anatomical weak spots...I don't know. We don't do much vital point striking. Only one I really know (and I feel it may be good to know a couple) is the hammerfist to the head or a forward and down palm strike to the head, to disrupt their coordination, and then follow with a technique Our teacher does not want us to actually harm the person with this atemi, but rather either use atemi to distract, actually hit (if neccessary) or in this case cause much less coordination as the nervous system is not working as well as it should.

In my year of doing aikido there, that is the only true atemi (kyuushuu?) i've seen.

We practice punches. Boxing, round house kicks occasional, knife defenses, kick defenses, kick pins. Front snap kicks, side kicks. It's pretty well rounded. A good nage will put his fist out if the uke isn't doing the technique correctly to warn him he would be hit in that situation. When I was attacked by my room mate, it happened very fast and suddenly. I was thinking I did NOT want to hurt him. he's my room mate, a very nice fellow. I didn't even know why he was attacking me, but I knew he's attacked other room mates and they both got very hurt. I refused to let this happen to me.

He came out, did a round house punch to my right temlpe, it hit me, but then he did another to my left temple, I was able to tenkan around it. His forward punches were so fast and with each hand, and contracted so fast, I could not enter in time to even pull off a munetski kotegashi. I didn't want to either, I knew even the pin on the concrete floor could hurt him alot. I didn't want this. I also know Tae Kwon Do and could've kicked him very hard, but I didn't use that. I wasn't really thinking of using Aikido, I was a white belt at the time, and even know I probably couldn't (although I might be able to, I've only been doing it about a year, 9 months continually about) to save my life, I then swept him (I made sure to control his fall and put my hand beneath his head so it didn't give him a bad hit to the ground on his hie ad), got him on the ground, held his hands crossed together, stood up and pushed my knee into his lung area and applied force to get him out of breath to give up. When he was on the ground, this took about 15 seconds of continuous pressure of my knee into his lung area. It was a dangerous technique I happened to learn during a pin, not aikido, more of a lung puncture type thing. But it possibly saved me from getting very hurt. I was very scared, told him if he hit me again I would not allow it. I told him to go back to his room, he complied and then I was told to call police. we didn't want him evicted so I didn't, as he'd lived there 10 years. So he got an eviction warning notice, and was told to go to therapy, and that was it. It never happened again. Shortly after I moved out.

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