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Re: Applications of munetski and menetski kotegaeshi

Thanks everyone. I have to remember to keep proper distance, not too close or too far, properly energy between myself and the nage, moving off the line as we often almost always do, and proper timing, which seems one of the most crucial. Good form as well, dropping the center to effect theirs.

When we do our munetski or menetski kotagaeshi (Me is to the eyes, or face)
(Mu is to the ribs.)

As the punch comes in, we feel the nage's center , tenkan and drop the center, while at the same time keeping the kotaegashi joint lock to your body attached to you, WHILE you are moving.

We do this as a throw or a pin. After I got nage off balance with the tenkan, if I did not drop my center and continue moving, attaching his arm to my center and dropping my weight while moving, then he could easily stand back up and punch me in the face.

In our dojo we practice atemi at every chance. In this application our instructor does a type of wing chun/aikido movement. Most of the techniques are variations of other, more traditional techniques.

He has 4 years experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu as well.

As far as I can understand, in the Wing Chun Aikido type tsuki, the fist that comes is kind of hit with the hand, moving it slightly off the uke's center, slightly missing the uke's body (but missing nonetheless). Then uke steps in, atemi to the face as a tenkan to unbalance and goes into kotaegashi throw or pin.

I think this is good because even if uke does not have the time to redirect the attack, the punch is missed and the uke can then step in and punch, then finish the circular movement.

6th Kyu in Aikido. (Yellow belt). Been training consistently for 10 months.
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