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Re: Chronic Joint/Tendon Damage

Just FWIW: in terms of *acute* knee injury, there was no correlation in my survey of 101 dojos between frequency of flying breakfalls and acute knee injury.

If you anecdotally chat with now older folks who trained hard they will say they should have done less high-impact falling in their earlier years in terms of overall joint health.

It is more common to hear them ascribe knee problems to overuse of suwariwaza - which any orthopedist will tell you is high risk for both acute injury and for slow wear and tear.

In terms of acute stuff, especially for women in ANY sport the highest risk is in "cutting" moves that torque the knee, and jumping (women tend to jump with quads unless trained to engage hamstrings) so learning impeccable dynamic posture and cross training im plyometrics is good for reducing injury risk.

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