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Re: hand technique = strike technique

Yannis, another interesting view. Different to mine but so it should be as we share our views.

Made me think of the fact that without emphasis on the weapons then what is left but different motions. The motion of thrusting and the motion of cutting as but two different motions of many.

My view of cutting may also be different to some. I teach the cut is straight, with no overextension or 'looping' and also no drawing or pulling back.

The end or tip of the sword does indeed draw a circle and it's quite amusing to watch when that is pointed out then most in trying to cut, say shomen, start overextending or making a slight loop rather than circle. Then when saying that's not straight they generally then start pulling or drawing the cut trying to overcompensate.

The best analogy I give for a true straight cut is that of the hands of a clock. Perfect cut straight down from 12 to 6 and at the same time perfect half of the circle. My sword bounces back at about 4 unless I make it stay there.

All interesting stuff.

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