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Re: dvd recommendations

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As an aid to my eventual practice of Aikido I was wondering if people could recommend some good Aikido dvds that cover the basics. There are a wide range of Aikido dvds on, which I have bought from before but I really don't know which ones are worthy of my money or not and so would appreciate a little help. (suggestions don't necessarily have to come from the range found on From what my instructors have told me Aikido uses larger spheres of motion than AJJ (we're always taught to keep our movements small) so some explanation on the dynamics of Aikido's circular movements would also be much appreciated.
Roy Suenaka recently started selling his DVDs through Amazon, and I can't recommend the 15 basic and the Aiki Taiso DVDs enough. They're out of stock now, but I'm sure they will be available again soon.

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