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Re: The Great Non-Issue

Dear all,

here in Belgium I never heard any discussions about Aikidoka being gay, lesbian or not. Maybe the one or other bad or good joke, but never anything serious, neither against them nor in their favour. I don't think that anyone here believes that it is interesting what other aikidoka do in bed (with exception of the typical standard jokes).

As to lockers; ours are currentlly in repair so we sometimes change mixed in the dojo, which is also not really interesting. Some people are attractive, some not, and this does not change according to how much clothes they have on, but according to an individual's subjective perception of the other.

This sais, abroad I met an instructor, and a very good one, who said that he'd admit to his classes people of any religion, political conviction, age, lifestyle, whatever, but never, ever an openly gay man. No problems with lesbians, however (this is strange but typical for male homophobe people). So I suppose gay aikidoka living in homophobe countries would do like gay footballers, just avoid coming out at any price, so this excludes having a go at another guy in the showers => in consequence, the gay-fearing guys in these countries have nothing to fear and could be more forthcoming.

However, considering that there are still so many countries where a part of the criminal code is dedicated to homosexuality (or simply to sexuality) the subject certainly will not become a "non-issue" in the near future.

All the best,


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