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Re: reverse breathing

Martin: Srsly.

In that our best understanding of anatomy is still pretty crude compared to the complexity of the body. You can do a lot with your body that's real hard to explain anatomically. It's often better just to get your head out of the way and let your body do its thing.

Janet: Right. All the squishy stuff between diaphragm and pelvic floor contracts into a tight little ball--making more space for the lungs and allowing an inhale without expanding the chest hugely.

And as long as I'm posting in this thread allow me to say that I find all these warnings about reverse breathing a bit whacked. Reminds me of how people talk about weightlifting--OMG! Blood pressure! Hypertension! Your head's gonna explodz!

Yeah, you can screw yourself up in fairly minor and temporary ways. BFD. You can screw yourself up doing anything worthwhile physically. Talk to my doctor friend about how many people injure themselves doing yoga, often in ways that are not minor or temporary (downward dog, anybody?).

More important is to know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

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