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Re: Tohei, Solo Practice, and Internal Training

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Excuse me but his little tete a tete started in post 32. What I said is quoted. It starts with "I think"

Chris refers to that as an assertion. Not true.

It is a conclusion of mine hence the words 'I think'

As pointed out later in the thread I explain why I think so. ie: Those principles and even exercises were already in shin shin toitsu do. Nowhere else in that form.

A fair conclusion I would say.

To find out one would have to go look at that yoga form, much of which I was taught.
Here's the quote in question:
I think somethings lost in translation there. The mind and body coordination principles he did get from shin shin toitsu do. His Aikido principles based on those then he created.
Graham, you're quite decisive regarding your clarification. It's your opinion of what the facts are. The challenges to your assertions are one matter. However, switching contexts regarding the use of "I think" -- clearly you were addressing what you perceive as a loss in translation on Alex's part regarding his understanding of the facts -- is an unfortunate bait and switch.

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