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Re: Tohei, Solo Practice, and Internal Training

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Sometimes people think that what they have learned or that their experience lets them know what someone else has experienced. Maybe what (Gary,) you have learned from wherever is different than what Graham learned. Maybe we could assume that Graham knows as much as Chris. Maybe we could discuss things.
It would be nice if everybody knew as much as everybody else, but they don't. That's why I asked Graham what his justification was for stating that body and mind unification comes form Shin-Shin Toitsu Do (note that he's since repeated that assertion). Unfortunately, instead of discussing it he "smiled and walked away" since "his mind doesn't work that way".

Doesn't make for much of a discussion, but it's perfect for the passive agressive statements that seem to subsitute for discussion on AikiWeb these days.



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