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Re: Tohei, Solo Practice, and Internal Training

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Sometimes people think that what they have learned or that their experience lets them know what someone else has experienced. Maybe what (Gary,) you have learned from wherever is different than what Graham learned. Maybe we could assume that Graham knows as much as Chris. Maybe we could discuss things.

Ron and I trained with Kokikai for many years. Maruyama Sensei taught many ideas. We took them to mean something...and then built on that. Someone else who trained with Maruyama might have taken it to mean something else...we could feel the difference when we went to camp. It didn't mean that Maruyama Sensei wasn't putting it out there.

That fish or cut bait stuff shuts down sounds like only certain people know what is real.
There are so many paths, paths that dead end, paths that turn back on themselves, paths that offer nothing past a elementary understanding. I am ok with folks taking whatever paths they feel are right for themselves.........but folks have to get out to vet what they do to understand what is real and what is not.

Fish or cut bait has to do with going forward or sitting on what you have now. As for cutting off discussion......discussion gets you nothing but a surface understanding of what folks think they know and can do...... Feeling it......getting together to check what you think you can do....and admit when it doesn't' work and asking for help......or helping when one can......going outside the established comfort missing from discussion unless you share a common background....that in itself another slippery slope. You have to be clear on what you don't know, that is missing from discussion here.

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